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Shore Songs CD Cover 

Shore Songs and Irish Ballads




1. Celtic Symphony (Sample)

2. Isle of Irishfree (Sample)

3. Forty Shades of Green (Sample)

5. You're in My Hearth (Sample)

6. Give Ireland Back to the Irish (Sample)

7. Ireland's 32 (Sample)

8. Maggie (Sample)

9. Broad Black Brimmer (Sample)

11. Fantastic That's You (Sample)



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Down At The Red Rose Cafe



1. Tell All My Friends (I'm Nearly 40) (Sample)

2. Boston Rose (Sample)

3. Isn't It Grand Boys / Finnigan's Wake (Sample)

4. 100,000 Welcomes (Sample)

5. A Little Bit Of Heaven (Sample)

6. The Red Rose Cafe (Sample)

7. The Rhythm Of My Heart (Sample)

8. I'll Get Over You (Sample)

9. The Lady In Red (Sample)

12. What A Wonderful World (Sample)


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  From Ireland To America (on the Jersey Shore)


1. If We Only Had Old Ireland Over Here (Sample)

2. Four Green Fields (Sample)
3. Goodbye Mick And Goodbye Pat
4. Mulligan And Me
5. The Boys Won't Leave The Girls Alone
6. Keep The Tradition Alive
7. America (Sample)
8. Years May Come - Years May Go (Sample)
9. Jersey Girl (Sample)
10. Everything Old Is New Again (Sample)
11. Once Before I Go

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